I’m drunk again

I’m a little down. I really think that Ted Cruz was not only our best bet, but could have been our new Reagan. I’m not going to do politics here though. I think I’m done with that. I think its time … to just keep my head down and hope I get out of this world before the wheels come off. For those of you that are younger or have a future generation to think of … best of luck to you.

On a lighter note … MUSIC!

Yep, I know I posted that last week, but I love that song.

There are some songs that hit you depending on your mood.

or ..

or ..

We all love it when a woman says this to us ( and yes, we know it really is just to shut us up ) …

And yeah, I’ve always thought she was cute as hell.

Here’s another song that’s always welcome to hear ..

John Anderson … what ever happened to him? He had a great voice. I suppose its possible that he either didn’t have enough good writers or writers didn’t want to write for him.

Speaking of great singers that don’t write their own stuff ( and no, I don’t know if Anderson wrote his own stuff or not ). There’s a lot of song artists .. singers, songwriters, singer/songwriters but I think probably the best singer ever. I mean that. Best. Ever. Singer. George Strait. He’s not, and never has been, a song writer. But he’s one of the best singers ever. In raw sales numbers he’s up there with Elvis and The Beatles. He’s got longevity on both. We tend to think of Elvis and The Beatles as being around forever … George Strait kicked off his sting of hits in 1981. A lot of people reading this was around for that, but (and I’m not trying to make you feel old) but a damned lot of folks weren’t around then. So for anyone born in the 80’s or later … Strait has been singing FOREVER. Really, can anyone show me a bad George Strait song?

and …

and …

and …

And is there anyone that hasn’t gotten laid with the help of George Strait?

Shifting gears … but not too hard … we’ll stick with Country for a bit …

I have to assume that a singer/songwriter having a song written/performed FOR/ABOUT you has got to be awesome.

This is one of those songs that is about .. well, being a singer. I think the best line is:

I’ve seen the world with a five piece band,
looking at the backside of me,
Singing my songs, one of his now and then,
Are you sure Hank done it this way?

I’ve talked of Johnny Cash before. He’s one of those guys that I compare to Bob Dylan. He’s not a singer. Never has been. He doesn’t (didn’t) have a “singing voice”, but he made great music.

and …

and …

This song is generally looked at as comedy, but don’t we always strive to overcome our fathers? How many of us didn’t try to take on our fathers? I didn’t. I’m 44 and my dad is 78 and I’m pretty sure he could still beat my ass.

There was a great line in “Walk the Line” .. and I don’t know that Cash ever said this, but its a great line. He was asked about the “Railroad” sound and his reply was “Well, we’d play faster if we could.”

Railroad sound accurately describes Cash’s music. The first time I really realized this was …

The first time I heard this song, I thought … kinda sounds like Johnny Cash. Now obviously Rosanne Cash doesn’t sound a bit like Johhny. But the song does.

Now the legend goes … Rosanne did not know this was her dad’s song. Her manager/agent/producer gave it to her blind and said “try this…”

Legend says, Johnny telling Rosanne that she did him proud with her version of the song is what sparked their reconciliation. Probably bullshit, but a good story anyhow.

Now I mention Waylan and Johnny … which sort of leads me to a group effort he was involved with … which was amazing. I would have loved to hear more from these guys …

Could you even imagine a better collective of singing greats?


Could you think of a better group of greats that could sing together?

Well, maybe …

Assuming you could get Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, and Tom Petty to all get together to make an album. But please, what are the fucking odds of that?

You know somebody mentioned that I had a rather eclectic taste in music … well, maybe. There’s a lot of music I really really (really) don’t like. I don’t like hip-hop but I do like some rap music.

Sometimes you’re just ragey … sometimes you just want to beat the shit out of the nearest person. Complete stranger. The guy in front of you in line at Kroger just kinda pisses you off. You want to smack him. You don’t. Obviously, you’re a stand-up citizen. You dont’ crack that guy in the head cause he does’t really have it coming. But you think about it.

In traffic … That guy just cut you off. Sure, when you look at the flow of cars, you’d have probably done the same thing, but in that moment. Just that 3 seconds. You want to beat that guy bloody.

There’s music for that.

and a side note …

I guess my music tastes are all over the place.

I kinda let that get way from me … Lets take it back a notch …

Ok so maybe you could do that. But this post started as songs for moods ..

But there are songs that are good for every mood, every day, no matter what you’re doing, feeling or where you are.

My all time favorite song … This isn’t necessarily the best song ever. This is the song that I turn up every single time I hear it. This isn’t necessarily about the lyrics, or the “meaning” of the song. This was always my perfect end-of-the-party-song. The song you hear when most everyone has left; the core group of friends is all that’s left; its dark; its quiet; someone occasionally says something that’s important at the time that nobody remembers.

Next, I’ll do a posting of RANDOM on my mp3 collection.

But don’t ever forget …



  1. I always loved Tears For Fears, but one song I never cared for was “Mad World”, but I love the Gary Jules version after hearing it in “Donnie Darko”. I ended up buying the soundtrack. Very cool ’80s tunes………….

  2. “Politics is downstream from culture. ”

    The Republic is dead. We must focus on culture, for the Remnant. My stories, your vids, and all else.

    I want to leave my girls something, even it’s a way out.

  3. Speaking of girls, you have been a bit remiss in that department, Little Miss Sithâ„¢. And I am getting a little tired of pert nubile hookers. Can we get some old broads trying to look hawt for a change? Just asking.

    • I love how I am now in charge of babes around here.

      Look for one tomorrow!!

  4. If it makes you feel better, think of how screwed Ted Cruz would have been if he had won.
    Out of control debt while cutting a small part of the rate of increase of the budget is like the Holocaust times 7.2 (more decimal places means more Science!)

    We are absolutely not trusted by any of our allies as the world is getting ready to explode.
    And rightly so.
    Imagine Ted Cruz trying to respond to China invading Taiwan and the Norks invading the South.
    “Ted Cruz, trying to start a war of choice, was rightly blocked from acting by a combination of Democrats and moderate Republicans….”

    I’d bet that phrase, “…blocked from acting by a combination of Democrats and moderate Republicans…” would be the name of his book about his presidency.

    Entire Cabinet depts would be actively hostile. The IRS, State, Interior, Education, Energy, wherever the hell the EPA is, I doubt any would actually have the bad manners to help him enact his plans.

    Nope, he’d be guaranteed to fail and it wouldn’t be funny at all.
    This way, we get some humor out of it.

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