Caption Contest!!

Seems like I dropped off the face of the planet but in truth it was just lots of stuff going on that kept me busy. I quite realize that posting a pic or a drink doesn’t take much effort but I still like to gab here, people!!

Anyway, a good friend of the blog sent me some pics he found in a government building. Needless to say, I was rather appalled with two “P”s when I saw them.

rain water lol 1

At first you think it’s rather innocuous, right? Rainwater is pretty harmless, at least it was until alarmists started screeching about “acid rain”. For years I thought I was going to burn if I got caught in a storm. But the flora don’t seem scarred and actually flourish with rainwater.

But then you see this and your eyebrow goes up in puzzlement:

rain water lol 2

At a urinal??? Yes, during times when we have no running water, we can access toilet tank water if need be. But there is NO TANK at a urinal.  I held it together until I got the last pic.

rain water lol 3

Again, this is in a government building!! I was laughing so hard I was crying, thinking how stupid the populace has become that it needs even this warning in a toilet. Along with the pics, he sent several captions. This was my personal favorite:

This is what happens when we teach dogs to read.


So, fire up the noggin, and come up with a few captions for this tribute to government bureaucracy 😉

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Rain water in use.
    Not fit for consumption.*

    *Also, must be this tall to use the facilities.

  2. Joe failed the final Civil Service Exam test. He was hired immediately.

  3. Rain water in use.
    Not fit for consumption.*

    * Although it’s great for swirlies!

    That’s about all I got this early.

  4. Obongo and his Band of Merry Marxists have been pissing on our heads and telling us that it’s raining for close to 8 years. The signs might be letting us in on something….

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