This….is London…

Edward R. Murrow is long gone, but his famous delivery lives on.

Some of y’all may not be aware, but London recently elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan. There was a feeling of unity, a feeling of modernism when he was elected. Those of us witnessing the decline of a once mighty empire knew better.

It was not long before Khan began to inflict the city with his own brand of rule. First, he came for the marketing.

London mayor Sadiq Khan bans ads with ‘unrealistic’ bodies

Lest you think he meant Photoshop, no. Bikinis and scantily-clad women hardest hit. And that’s just the beginning. In what we can only describe as “predictable”, Khan held a gender-segregated rally.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan gave a speech in Manchester on behalf of the EU ‘Remain’ campaign, with women noticeably absent from the front of the crowd.

Feminists may think he is being considerate of their constant screeching about body image, but no. He has a history of adhering to Sharia. It’s sad and tragic watching the UK bend over to Islam in their quest to be politically correct, especially in view of the fact that Muslims take advantage of this stupidity to advance their goals.

It is now Londonistan, and I hope and pray that someday soon, I hear Brits rise up and scream “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!” as they take back their country.

LC Aggie Sith


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