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I am not what you would call a Trump supporter. That said, I do try to be fair when it comes to tactics. This post is not a against Trump as much as it is a shout to be careful with how one presents oneself as a politician.


We all remember this still from the movie, 1984. It was mesmerizing, and frightening at the same time. The torture John Hurt endured didn’t give me bad dreams as much as this scene did.


Yes, another John Hurt film. This time his role was opposite of the one from 1984. In V for Vendetta, he played an authoritarian despot wrapped up in the blanket of Christian superiority (that was my only issue with the film). The contrast between his screen persona and the one in the alley showed the abject cowardice that drives men to do really dark things.

trump nomination jumbotron

Now, I understand the need for a jumbotron in a huge place like this. During the speeches it was necessary so that everyone in the arena can hear and see the speakers. It truly is a marvel of technology. But that said, Trump was not speaking in front of the podium at the time. And that is problematic to me. He wasn’t speaking to the audience so much as speaking AT the audience.

The Big Brother schtick has been done to death on both sides of the aisle. Republicans have portrayed Democrats in that manner, and Democrats have portrayed Republicans in that manner. But when a candidate portrays himself in that manner, there’s a problem. And you can rest assured that the opposition will use it to their advantage. The Republican nominee has to be more careful in how he presents himself. He should pay attention and learn from his daughter, Ivanka, on how to present himself better if he is to have a chance at winning the election.

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Today “Big Brother” is a fact of life & no one seems to care.
    The NSA reads all your electronic mail & listens to your phone calls, the man who told us about that is branded a traitor & is living in exile in Russia. There is a Constitution-free zone 100 miles wide around the boarder. Travel is allowed with state issued ID as long as you are not on a secret list. The Supreme Court has given corporations civil rights. The police are allowed to stop you and seize any of your property or cash because they want to.
    The new reality,

    • Yes, it has seeped into our lives, much as a frog was content to be in a warm pot of water.

  2. Love it! You are so right. The worst thing about Trump is having to undo all the damage he is doing to the republican brand.

  3. His narcissism won’t allow him to do anything different. He’s a showman. A salesman. He’s gambling that he can successfully sell TRUMP, and he won’t have to sell any actual policies or ideas.

  4. They say if you can’t say anything nice about it to someone, don’t say anything.

    Mr. Trump,


  5. Well thanks for that Aggie, adds new creep to his words about,
    ‘appointing law enforcement officials to restore Law and Order’
    ‘forcing companies to stay in America instead of going overseas,’
    I do agree with presenting himself better, that goes for all of those seeking higher office.

    • That’s what I don’t get. His speech was very authoritarian, contrary to what conservatives espouse in government, but they just cheered about it.

      • It really was. I thought while she looked better Ivanka’s was the same, while, more liberal, but Trump’s dear Lord, that was so ‘I’m a dictator hear me roar,’ and they cheered! smh.

      • The most frightening thing about the speech wasn’t anything Trump said. It was the reaction of the crowd chanting, “Yes you will.”

  6. I have been telling people this for months…but everyone is so scared of electing the Hilda troll that they won’t take their eyes off Trump. Scary days indeed.

  7. Was that Spanx clearly visible underneath the Worst Lady’s tent sized dress? Or perhaps her tail coiled up? :mrgreen:

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