Tuesday Tipple

It is almost autumn, but you would think we were still in the fifth ring of Hades from the reading on the thermostats. Still, that just means we get to have nice cold libations a bit longer, even though our chestnuts feel like they are already roasting.

Today’s offering is a simple one. I am a fan of ginger ale, but seldom drink it unless I am traveling by plane. It may be just me, but it helps to calm me somewhat. Not that I am a jittery passenger. I just don’t want to feel like throat punching the passenger next to me when he bitches about the lack of peanuts in the bag (True story. The bitching, not the punching).


Limon and Ginger

  • one part ginger ale
  • one part rum
  • lime or lemon wedge for garnish

Pour liquid ingredients into an ice-filled glass, and garnish with the citrus wedge. Yes, limon means “lemon” in Spanish, but lime works well with the drink. Or you can just take the wedge and give it to your dog, and watch as hilarity ensues 😉

LC Aggie Sith

One Comment

  1. Ginger ale is good stuff. It can help settle your stomach and has other fine properties. So does throat punching the passenger next to you when he/she whines.

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