Tuesday Tipple

Friend of the blog Tiberius Alatheus is coming for a visit this week, and asked that I have some ingredients for libations in hand: lime juice, grapefruit juice, cremé de menthe, and chocolate liqueur.

I can’t imagine what this will taste like, but the hallucinogenic properties may be epic.

That said, I have a better use for the lime juice.


Grand Raspberry Peach Margarita

  • 1 oz. Grand Marnier No. 2
  • 1 oz. tequila (I prefer silver, but reposado or añejo will do fine)
  • ¾ oz. lime juice
  • ½ oz. simple syrup
  • fresh raspberries, lime slices, and/or peach slices for garnish

Pour all liquid ingredients into an ice-filled shaker and mix well. Pour all into a pretty margarita glass if you’re a gal, or into a highball glass if you’re a guy. Garnish with the fruit as desired. Or eat fruit while drinking.

As to Tiberius’ ingredients, I shall give a full report next week. Pray for me 😉

LC Aggie Sith

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