Tuesday Tipple

So, been a while. I am a bit busy lately what with painting and all, but I have been practicing my mixology quite a bit.

Yes, some of it is sweet. Stop rolling y’all’s collective eyes at me.

Anyway, one drink I featured in the previous incarnation of the blog was made famous in Bangkok, at a place called appropriately enough, Aquatini. It’s a favorite drink of mine, and not too sweet, since no simple syrup is involved.


  • 1 part blue curaçao
  • 1 part citrus vodka
  • splash of sweet and sour mix

Pour all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker. Mix well, and strain into a cocktail glass. Depending on the amount of sweet and sour mix you add, you’ll have a color variation anywhere from sea blue, to sewage green. If you want to avoid the color variation, add ½ part lemon juice and ½ part simple syrup, more or less to taste.

Y’all know I had to bring in simple syrup somehow 😉

LC Aggie Sith


  1. I used to make it with plain vodka.
    But then, that was before the vodka aisle looked like the bubble gun aisle.

    • I’m old enough to remember when vodka came in vodka flavor.

  2. That looks like a Mad Men-esque drink.

    I may try that.

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