1. Many years ago I read a Newsweek article written by a guy who’d been in the U.S Army in Viet Nam in the 60’s. After the war, he had gone back to VN to tour the country. Many interesting, even crazy, stories. One thing that stuck out was that the Vietnamese love Americans. But, there are some people they really hate. The author wrote of being in Hanoi at a restaurant with his government minder. They actually got along famously. So, they were in this place and the American was playing Springsteen on his cassette tape player. And, “Born In The U.S.A.” started playing. He about and saw 2 round eyes at another table giving them the hairy eyeball. Russians. He reached over and turned down the volume. Just being friendly like, know what I mean? Suddenly, the commie, likely war vet, Hanoi provided minder reached over and turned up the volume. When the American looked at him, the minder said, “Fuck the Russians!” A neighbor, who led the first helicopter platoon into Cambodia during the Cambodian incursion, has a Vietnamese friend who owns and operates a few textile mills in…Viet Nam! The former ARVN officer told my neighbor, “You know what this means? We won the war!” Okay, maybe a bit of hyperbole, but I understand that the south is a hotbed of unruly capitalist entrepreneurs. Wouldn’t it be wired if, if some future time, Vietnamese capitalists helped save the U.S. from our inborn faithless ingrates?

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