1. I have no idea what this is about, but I’m glad to see a fresh post here of any kind, by anyone. Same goes for the Springsteen post. I can’t stand his politics, many of his lyrics I don’t appreciate, and his voice has a range of 2/3 of an octave. But millions go ga-ga over this guy; news reports are saying his Broadway show is leaving people in tears in spite of his random vocal segues into politics. Any post here is better than none when they come just 4 times a year, even if there aren’t any hooker pics.

    Not sure if it has a name, but a tasty, simple, and rather strong cocktail can be made from equal parts Meyer’s black rum and Kaluha. You can soften it a bit by pouring it over ice in a rocks glass. Variations would use any darker rum, and Kamora or 43 or similar liqueurs. Any way you make it, it’s got a lot more flavor than a Black Russian, and has less bite than a Moscow Mule.

    • Yes, I have been remiss in posting everywhere. I do need to get back in that groove.

  2. the big bon jovi

    i had a roomate that called his unit that….
    80’s chicks were kick ass tho

  3. Have some fun with Bon Jovi: When you’re singing along, every time he sings “Bad Medicine”, you sing “Sam Kinison”. C’mon, try it with me:
    You’re love is like SAM KINISON! Sam Kinison is what I need…”

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