Its another drunken Saturday

Any guesses on how old I am? That’s … what three music posts? I’m betting y’all can nail me down to a year or two.

The song is ok … not great. But the video was always ( and still is ) just about the most awesome thing ever.

You know what … if you haven’t seen Future Man on Hulu …. you’re really missing out.

Does anyone do anything “80’s” without this song? I don’t actually remember this when it was new, but its sure as shit used anytime someone wants to say “this is the 80’s”.

I actually do remember this one.

Definitely this one too. Shit … I think I posted this one already ….

I remember when this album came out. It wasn’t terribly liked my metalheads of the time as it was viewed as too …. mainstream? Almost like this

I’m going to steer completely off the road here …. I’ve been neglecting a whole genre of music

Gary Stewart was a badass. I watched him play in a bar in Pasadena, Texas just before he killed himself.

I dated a woman once that told me she had a dream about dancing with me in the bed of a truck to this song. She did dance with me in the bed of a truck to this song (and others).  This song I think says it best. No matter how it ends, its better to have experienced it than to have not.


Alan Jackson is the only singer I’ll rate as highly as George Strait. George Strait is the best modern singer of country music. Period. Alan Jackson I think could (have been) be as good, but for a more limited time period and/or less examples.

Speaking of George Strait ….

That was his first hit. In 1981.

And in 2008.

George Strait is the best and most successful singer in country music history and nearly so in music history in general. Argue against that. There’s nearly nobody else that’s nailed down hits for three decades.

Also this ….

Ok … I’ll stop abusing y’all.

I’ll bridge the gap with a Johnny Cash song sung by his daughter (who, as I understand it, didn’t know this was a Johnny Cash song when she recorded it).

Honestly, the rhythm alone should have given it away. Johnny Cash invented the railroad sound and this song is nearly a perfect example of that.

OMG WE’RE GETTING DOWN …. Ok , lets salvage this by moving to …. fuck it, 1986.

Sweet baby Jesus … if that doesn’t bring back memories then you weren’t around then.

Bon Jovi was definitely a name through most all of the 80’s.

I have to say … honestly hard to imagine these were in the same year.

Bangles were big then.

Ok, I’ve been trying to stick with more obscure music today, but I love this song …. in 1986

hey … what about ’87?

holy shit, ’87? REALLY? And it was only #15 that year … jebus.


Alright I’m going to cap this off with the song that defined the MTV era




  1. I was watching the Blondie video/song and thought back to life before MTV.. or before I ever saw it..

  2. Money for Nothing was a fantastic song, although this is the shorter version (I guess the “his own jet airplane” verse is offensive to Gaia).

  3. I remember Nena’s 99 red balloons, when it came out. There was a bit of a getting into German culture thing going on for me after a) watching Auf Wiedersehen Pet and b) going on a couple of benders in Germany.

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