Drunken Saturday … Friday edition

Ok I’ve abused y’all with TONS of 80’s music. There’s been good music. Bad music. Music y’all probably hate.

Fun fact … I didn’t graduate high school in the 80’s.

It was 1990.





So Billboard says this was the #1 song for 1990.

Um … no shit? I remember this but I really thought it was earlier than 1990.

I’m kinda fucking with y’all a little. Click more ….

I’ve always liked Phil Collins. I don’t really think he’s ever made truly “great” music … but its always “good”.

This one I remember … Also … for fuck sake … could you even make this today? 15 will get you 20.

Poison was definitely at thing back then.

Well … son of a bitch …. I had no idea this was in 1990.


Holy shit … and this

Calling them out as frauds these days would get you branded RACIST.

…. I have … no … words ….

Ok goddamnit I was THERE! … IN 1990! … I KNOW there was good music then … what in the fuck?

This was in 1990 … hey on that topic … Linda Rondstadt is a nutbag leftist crazy bitch BUT … OMG … BUT … Holy fuck that woman can SING.


Sorry … shameful secret … Long Long Time is one of my favorite every songs. Not the song itself. Her singing it. There are terribly few humans that can cover that range. Really. Some singers are about belting out the lyrics … some songs are more about the singer being just another musical instrument.  Don’t care how much you hate her. Listen to that and list me some singers that can do that. It ain’t a long list.

Remember that song I posted a couple of weeks ago? 99 Luftballons? I don’t speak German (assuming since the band is German) but that woman is just another musical instrument in that composition and it makes it what it is.

Ok …. wait … we were doing 1990 …


Ok … so that’s not so bad.

I always like this song on a technical level. Politics aside (tired of saying this), putting all those references together in a lyrical manner was pretty cool. I’ve seen it said that he HATES performing this song. Also, he can never do better than Piano Man. Sorry, Billy.

Can you play me a memory? Isn’t that what we’re doing here? Playing memories. I mean its not just about the music. Its about where you where and WHO you were when you heard it. And when you hear it now.

I’m no artist. I can’t play you memories. I can youtube like a motherfucker tho and I can bring you other people playing you memories.

well there I go again … We’re supposed to be doing 1990 …

This one’s a terribly good example of of an old school singer managing to still belt one out in the “modern” times of 1990. This was a good tune and Stewart definitely has as distinctive a voice as … well, Ozzy Osbourne or Geddy Lee of Rush. You definitely know him when you hear him.

Mr Collins wasn’t letting any grass grow under him in those days. Also, Eric Clapton .. who’s everywhere. Always.

Oh hey this was in 1990. I love Tom Petty. Not necessarily this song. Its not bad, but its not his best work. This video however I remember very well. I always thought the girl in it was lovely as hell.

This here would probably be my favorite Petty tune. You don’t know how it feels to be me.

Maybe this one instead?


Well shit maybe this is my favorite Petty tune. Also, Kim Basinger was smokin’ hot back in the day.

Well, we’ve done it again and strayed from 1990. Lets drag us back to our (my) chosen year with …

For me, Aerosmith is a …. not-quite Rolling Stones. They’ve both made TONS of music over TONS of years … and they both have a creepy skinny scary looking front man. (Trying to not bring politics into it but … well fuck here’s a woman being abused who defends herself with a gun).

I’d almost forgotten about these guys. They didn’t do much but what they did was good. Much like Skid Row which posted once strongly and not much to follow.

I was hoping to end this with something good.

Instead I’ll wind up with something I KNOW you remember …



    • Jam 2,
      Very few are as overrated as springsteen. My twin brother, along with myself, have been professional musicians, him a drummer and singer, myself mostly horns, ( saxophones), as well as some guitar. My brother loves Springsteen, while to me he is a jackass. Rumor has it that he used to force his long time band members audition when putting a tour together. And Billy Joel was much better when he was young. He leaves me flat now, but that happens, not his fault.

  1. vanilla ice…

    i heard that he’s swinging hammers for a home improvement show or su,pin’ like tht

  2. Interesting list, loved the Billy Idol, ’tis my perverse nature. Personally more of a Jethro Tull, Heart, & Eagles fan but then I’m a bit older than you. By the ’90s I was listening to T’Pau, Nena, and Lisa Loeb. Okay, so I am a bit eclectic as well.

  3. All in all, a very good representation of those who could sing and play an instrument. It always comes back to those artists. Nicely done, thanks.

  4. The Eighties started in 1981 and ended at midnight Dec 31 1990. 1991 was the beginning of the ninties.

  5. Speaking of music from the 90’s it’s getting towards the end of February 2019 and I was wondering how you’re doing?
    I listened to Jimmy Buffet’s album from 1979 today, “You had to be there”. Takes me back…

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