And…. We’re back

Been a while (over a year) since we here at H&B wrote anything of little value. So, I am going to try and get back to the roots of this blog, which as y’all recall, pretty much are entrenched in the blog title. So enjoy this eyecandy and prepare for the Return of the Geeks.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

LC Aggie Sith


  1. Welcome back!
    Heh, three of you making a comeback in the last couple weeks.
    Life is good again…

  2. I used to come by here all the time back in the day until things dropped off. Got here from Kenny’s site at Knuckledraggin, nice to see your up and running! Book marked again!

  3. Does this mean I have to get drunk Saturday and post a bunch of music from the 80’s ?

  4. This site is fun when active, I hope it regains the glory it held when idjits like yours truly hung out here together.
    I’ll stop in now that you’re getting the band back together.

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