Drink of the Week

Well, been a while since I have posted the Tuesday Tipple.

Been a while since I posted.

I suck at this blogging stuff, I know.

Anyway, this week marks the return of booze to H&B, and since citrus is in season, I thought I would feature blood oranges. Really, how apt is it that I like BLOOD oranges?? This should not shock anyone. I was inspired by the Orange Blossom cocktail and made my own take on it, replacing the type of juice and Cointreau for vermouth.

Bloody Blossom

  • 1 part gin (botanical, preferred)
  • 1 part Cointreau
  • 2 parts blood orange juice
  • ½ part simple syrup (optional)

Pour all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker and mix well. Serve in a coupe or cocktail glass of choice.

Tip: if the juice is fresh squeezed, you may want to strain in a fine sieve first to remove excess pulp. Also, skip the simple syrup if you prefer less sweet. Hope y’all enjoy this bloody cocktail 😉

Ooooh, Urine Trouble…..

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I have witnessed the best of humanity coming forth to help their fellow man.

Of course, around the rest of the country, I have also witnessed some of the worst.

 Woman Tells Why She Threw Cup of Urine on DC Bus Driver

At first I thought this was premeditated. But no.

The woman called News4 early Wednesday and said she wanted to explain what happened. She said she was running late for an appointment Saturday evening when she got on the X2 bus. She said she needed to relieve herself.

“I had to go to the bathroom real, real bad,” she said. “I just peed in a cup.”

I’ve been late to appointments before. But if you are already late, a few minutes will not matter. If I am riding public transportation, I will make sure to go to the bathroom where there’s A) toilet paper, and B) privacy. Just my jones.

“I was provoked. I hate Metro,” she told News4’s Adam Tuss in a phone interview Wednesday morning.

“I’ve been catching Metro for 35 years. They’ve never done s— for me,” the lifelong D.C. resident said.

Wait, you mean to tell us you hate the bus but have been riding it for 35 years? I’ve been to DC. I get that a lot of people don’t own cars. But it’s not outside the realm of possibility to save up for a few years to get your own car. Many people do that because they hate taking public transportation. And just what did the bus driver do to provoke THAT reaction??

 “She said ‘have a nice day’ all sarcastically,” the urine-throwing woman said. “She could have been more courteous.”

ZOMG!!!! I am agog at the irony of a woman who throws her waste matter at a stranger demanding courtesy of said stranger. She doesn’t even bother to ask herself why the driver was sarcastic, IF the driver was sarcastic in the first place.

Tuss asked the woman if the bus driver had done anything specific to provoke the assault.

“No, no, no,” the woman said. But she added later, “She was waving me off and flicking me off.”

She also said the driver gave her a rude look.

“I did feel bad,” the woman said.

Flicking? Rude look? I have breaking news for her. DC isn’t the most friendly place I’ve ever visited, and if I had a dime for every rude look I got while traipsing all over town, I could have spent the night at The Four Seasons AND ordered room service. There is no law that states you must have courtesy shown to you at all times on bus route X2. You just assaulted someone. That’s a serious offense, even if you apologize for your actions. Who knows? She may have opened herself to a lawsuit. In this day and age, I wouldn’t be surprised if not only the bus driver sued the woman, but also Metro and quite possibly those poor people who witnessed her relieving herself in a cup.

Actions have consequences, and that’s probably the reason Metro hasn’t done shit for her in 35 years.

Happy Independence Day

On this day, brave men decided to commit treason against the Crown in a bid to form a new country, free from tyranny and oppression. It didn’t come quickly, a lot of blood was paid, and it wasn’t perfect. It took a few more skirmishes and one great war between brothers before things started to come together. And to this day we are still going through growing pains. No, this country isn’t perfect. I recall the story of a man who came to live here from Cuba. He felt sorry for us, not because this country was bad or because it was full of strife. He felt bad because if this country failed, there was nowhere for Americans to go. He saw that this was the last refuge, the place of opportunity, where someone can come and have the chance to try again in freedom. So many of us take that for granted. Just a year ago, Britain was going through a tumultuous decision: whether to stay or leave the European Union. The country was split between those who would prefer to do things as a sovereign country without the oversight of the EU, and those who preferred the oversight which afforded them a measure of security. A friend of mine from Chester told me that she now understands the American Revolution. No, she didn’t compare the vote to our war. She simply came to understand that it wasn’t cool to be ruled over by an entity that gave you nothing but required your servitude (taxation without representation, anyone?). I told her it wasn’t too late to go dump boxes of tea into the Thames. Our country is an experiment, a wonderful experiment still growing and still learning. Yes mistakes still happen, and we get things wrong once in a while. But I am so glad we have the freedom to make mistakes, and learn from them.

Happy Birthday, USA.